Our Goal

Since our landfills are filling with treasured items which could be re-purposed or replenished for future use, our goal at Cherry Pickers, is to offer our local communities and the surrounding areas an opportunity to see and identify with our interpretation of an old concept, known as recycling, with a new age mind set. We shall make every effort to ensure accountability to our customers and vendors, as well as our community by leaving a greener space for generations to follow.

Through the power of creative thinking, our goal is to offer our customers, as well as other craftsmen, alternatives to the normal thought process when it comes to building beautiful furniture for the home or office. We will also offer a new perspective to customers and clients through the sale of wood and other items which can be re-purposed. Our old wood, and hardware items, which we also sell, comes in several types and sizes, all harvested from the demolition of old barns and other older structures being carefully torn down by our own craftsmen. We shall also offer beautifully hand crafted furniture pieces build in our shop from re-purposed wood, and offer a variety of custom pieces made to your design, plus build complete kitchen cabinets.